Due to the current COVID climate and the nature of our other aerial operations we are unable to offer charter/scenic fllights to our wonderful clients in the general public. If you are a business organisation who requires charter for the purposes of business please contact us on
1300 731 450 so we can best address your needs. The team at Forest Air Helicopters apologises for any inconvenience and we look forward to offering you these services at a later date.

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Forest Air Helicopters Training

It’s official, Forest Air Helicopters is now a certified part 141 organisation and is offering flight training to the Australian aviation community. We will be offering training for private and commercial pilot licenses in our Robinson 22 as well as more advanced training in a range of helicopters.

Our training school will fill a need for high quality flight training backed by a real working commercial helicopter operator in the New South Wales/Victoria border region. Enabling aspiring pilots the ability to train in a unique physical environment and without the need to travel to the big cities with their associated high costs.

Published October 10, 2017