Due to the current COVID climate and the nature of our other aerial operations we are unable to offer charter/scenic fllights to our wonderful clients in the general public. If you are a business organisation who requires charter for the purposes of business please contact us on
1300 731 450 so we can best address your needs. The team at Forest Air Helicopters apologises for any inconvenience and we look forward to offering you these services at a later date.

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Fire Lighting/Suppression

Forest Air Helicopters can provide; fire spotting, suppression, incendiary dropping, GIS mapping, weather recording, aerial logistics and search and rescue.

Fire management and control equipment available:

  • SEI Bambi Max Buckets with PowerFill, equipped with a split drop system and a capacity from 1300L up to 1600L.
  • Waterhog fire buckets with a capacity of 520L and split drop capability.
  • Foam injection for a more efficient use of water. Buoy Wall, (Collar Tank), available on request for remote operations.
  • Approved Government agency communication systems.
  • Remote refueling on request (FAH helicopters only).
  • Hot refueling trained and certified ground support personnel to maximise time and cost effectiveness in the remotest locations.
  • Air Attack.
  • Fire Mapping.
  • SEI Red Dragon Incendiary machine.
  • New technology. Real time weather recording. Data transmission capability sent to your selected location. Data includes; wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, GPS location, altitude and time.