Fire Lighting/Suppression

Forest Air Helicopters can provide; fire spotting, suppression, incendiary dropping, GIS mapping, weather recording, aerial logistics and search and rescue.

Fire management and control equipment available:

  • SEI Bambi Max Buckets with PowerFill, equipped with a split drop system and a capacity from 1300L up to 1600L.
  • Waterhog fire buckets with a capacity of 520L and split drop capability.
  • Foam injection for a more efficient use of water. Buoy Wall, (Collar Tank), available on request for remote operations.
  • Approved Government agency communication systems.
  • Remote refueling on request (FAH helicopters only).
  • Hot refueling trained and certified ground support personnel to maximise time and cost effectiveness in the remotest locations.
  • Air Attack.
  • Fire Mapping.
  • SEI Red Dragon Incendiary machine.
  • New technology. Real time weather recording. Data transmission capability sent to your selected location. Data includes; wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, GPS location, altitude and time.